Mystic Ark

Mystic Ark, commonly (and improperly) known as "The 7th Saga 2" in some circles, is an RPG by Enix that spans worlds, and embeds a lot of adventure/puzzle elements into the genre.Disnesquick did the programming for our font, and the text was translated by Ian Kelley. You'll pardon the brief description, but it's after midnight, I've been working on this game virtually every available moment for the past two weeks, and I'm really, really tired. But the patch is out, so I guess it was worth it.

A quick note about the screenshots, incidentally: The male main character's default name is Remeer but the katakana is identical to the name of the first town in 7th Saga, which was romanized as Lemele. I've been playing the game with the main character renamed as such, but the default remains Remeer.

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