Progress ~ Moving Forward (Mystic Ark, etc)
Mystic Ark
# Posted on Sept. 11, 2009, 5:04 a.m. by Gideon Zhi

So, since Dynamic Designs posted an update on their Mystic Ark project, I figured I should post an update on mine. As of about 5AM on Thursday, the script has been completely inserted. It's not entirely stable; I was able to play for about ten minutes last night before encountering a bug on the Bloodhook which wouldn't let me leave an item shop, but that's since been fixed. Due to the way the script is stored there are probably a lot of these minor little instabilities, all of which are easily fixed provided they're found in the first place. A fully proportional font has been implemented, as you can see in the screenshots below; in the event that the text needs to be centered, a command for that has been programmed as well. Further, a linebreak command has been added not only to menus but also to equipment displays, and it works better than I could have hoped. I'm writing this from work so I don't have a lot of time, but over the next few days (Monday, probably) I'll be updating the project page with completely new snapshots.

I'm also resolving to work on several games in order, as they're all fairly close to being done and pretty much require either further editing or minor hacking tasks. After Mystic Ark these are, in order, Holy Umbrella, LUNAR: Walking School, Megami Tensei, and Laplace's Demon. I may squeeze Hourai High in there somewhere, get the script ready for satsu to do the extra editing he wanted. But that's what my schedule looks like, at least for now.
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