About Aeon Genesis
Aeon Genesis is a small, loose collective of people who share a common interest in older console games that were never released in English. I'm Gideon, the reverse engineer ("romhacker") who started Aeon Genesis back in 1999, and throughout the 20+ years of the site's existence I've been the one constant through it all. As is evidenced by Aeon Genesis's project list, I often prefer lesser-known titles, and am an active seeker of the proverbial diamonds in the rough. This is not to say that we as a group do not enjoy mainstream games, as we most certainly do - but our tastes are more widely varied than simply Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. We actively encourage others to look at the lesser-known titles and realize that they are indeed as good as (and sometimes better than) the titles they hold in the highest esteem.

What We Make
Aeon Genesis produces English versions of old Japanese games, in the form of translation patches. A patch is a diff between the original version and the translated version; you need the original in order to apply the patch, and none of the original content is contained within the patch itself. We seldom if ever release patches in incomplete states, so if a project is not tagged as Complete, a download is likely not available for it. Each project takes dozens if not hundreds of hours of effort by multiple people - reverse engineers ("romhackers"), translators, editors - before it is ready for distribution, so please have some patience while waiting for your particular favorite to be completed.

About Gideon
By the time you read this I will probably be in my 40s. I live in the greater Seattle area and make my living as a software developer at a local tech company. I'm an avid fan of Futurama and of Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels, and I listen to a wide variety of music though tend to lean towards electronica and game soundtracks; up-beat and cheerful music helps keep me on task. I tend to be fairly busy with work life, family life, and all the trappings that surround them both, but I still find the energy to devote to localizing often-obscure games in what little passes for my spare time.

About Time Capsule Games
Time Capsule Games is an attempt to "go legit" as it were; all associated projects are official, above-board, commercial endeavors. Several were made available through dealers such as Limited Run and Castlemania Games; others such as the Data East Classics Collection (Magical Drop 1+2) can be purchased fairly easily on a handful of different retail websites. I have further plans for the future of Time Capsule Games, but I'm almost always willing to work for you if you've got the rights to an older game you'd like to see localized!
Dark Half
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