Super Robot Wars Gaiden

This game RULES. But then, I'm a Super Robot Wars fan, so of course I say it rules. However, in this case there's no shortage of people (many of which aren't regular SRW fans) who'll back me up on this ;) Aside from Shin Super Robot Wars on the PlayStation, this and its immediate and somewhat recent sequels the only (to my knowledge) non-SD SRW strategy titles. Also, unlike all of the other SRW games, SRWG focuses entirely on Masaki Andoh, the Elemental Lord Cybuster, and the rest of the Lord of Elemental crew in the world of La Gias. Basically, this is Masaki's story, and it's told from beginning to end, so you don't need to worry about any Gundam stuff of Mazinger stuff if that kinda thing scares you (heh.)

The script has been entirely retranslated by TheMajinZenki and edited by Cait. It`s been completely hacked from the ground up with a fully proportional font and automatic linebreak detecion. As with SRW2 we`re even providing a music persistence patch!