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Tactics Ogre ~ Let Us Cling Together
# Posted on March 6, 2010, 10:24 a.m. by Gideon Zhi

Attached below are screenshots of stuff I've fixed over the last couple of days. First one shows the finalized L-view character list, while the second shows an expanded S-view character portrait window and hacked "Start: Parameter" graphic. Expanding that window was a right pain in the arse, let me tell you - and it still doesn't function 100% correctly when the screen scrolls up or down. I've since fixed some major crashes, some nasty non-crash glitches, and a lot of really bizarre stuff, including stuff that worked breaking inexplicably later on down the line.

All that said, it's look a *lot* nicer, and aside from the introduction to politics if you let the game sit at the title screen twice, you can play up to the world map without encountering any Japanese or glitches. The Warren Report menus still need rather a lot of work, the dates still display in Japanese on the map, I haven't really tested much of the intermission stuff and the aforementioned political introduction is still broken (it's only displaying one line of four) but otherwise I think I've fixed most of the biggest issues. It's certainly a lot more stable than it used to be!
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