Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. Does this really need an introduction? It's a sequel/sidestory to Star Ocean: The Second Story for PlayStation. Combat plays more like Tales of Phantasia than it does Star Ocean, but it plays more like Star Ocean than Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon plays like Tales of Phantasia. The script translation is done, but it`s pretty rough and is going to need a healthy edit. It`s also somewhat glitchy; the game`s event scripting is fairly complex, and I`ve noticed a few cases where an event trigger hasn`t fired or the game crashes outright. But I`ve coded a 4x8 font for the main dialog, and that seems to be working correctly. The event dialog needs replacing as well, and none of the interfaces have been hacked yet. There`s a long way to go but z80 at this level is green field for me and I`m having fun with the project.