Magical Drop 2

Let's face it, folks - the first Magical Drop game isn't bad, but it's not great either. Magical Drop 2 takes the same basic gameplay from the first title and speeds things up dramatically, creating a flashier, more exciting, more arcade-like experience. The updated story mode now includes a secret boss and conversations between the characters, not to mention that there's a new puzzle mode and new tarot archetypes to play as. It is, all told, a much better game than the first, and one of the finest two-player puzzle games on the SNES.

One might ask "But this came out in English on the Neo Geo! Why are you working on the SNES version?" Unfortunately the English NG version completely gutted the story mode - instead of having humorous quips between the player and the opponent before each match, the two characters just stare at each other creepily. We are restoring lost content, or something.

This is for all intents and purposes complete. It is currently available for purchase as part of the Data East Classics Collection from Retro-bit.