Dark Half

Dark Half is a rather unique RPG. Published by Enix in 1996, Dark Half follows both the hero and the villain during the final days of the game's world. The player alternatively controls the villain and the hero, slaughtering whole villages as the devil Rukyu and saving their souls as the paladin Falco.

Combat takes place on a grid. Rukyu can trap monsters, in so doing leveling up his magic and acquiring minions he can hide behind. Falco levels in a more traditional RPG style, and acquires magic as consumable items after most fights. There's a crafting element for Falco's equipment as well.

This project is actually a continuation/reboot of the work done by SirYoink on the game over the last fifteen years or so. While the hacking is all new and done by yours truly, the script translation was done by Eien ni Hen (Ancient Magic, Romancing SaGa 2) who worked with SirYoink on this. The project has SirYoink's blessing as well.

While this was not a simple project it progressed smoothly, the end result is the polished, high-quality, and hopefully bug-free translation available now! This one has been a long time coming, so please enjoy it!

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