Progress ~ Laplace's Demon in Beta Testing
Laplace's Demon
# Posted on April 5, 2018, 5:48 a.m. by Gideon Zhi

Laplace's Demon is a very strongly thematic game. Most years since its original release I'd think to myself, 'I should make sure to get this done for Halloween' or 'Wouldn't it be funny to release this on Valentine's Day' or something along those lines. The problem was that the thought would occur way too close to the holiday in question, and there was never enough time to fully fix the game in time. Then the holiday would pass, and Laplace would once again cease to be a priority.

I'm no longer aiming for a holiday-themed release for this. It's been in playtesting for a while, and a second round is scheduled to start as soon as Masoukishin is done, but there are enough bugs in the original game that it can be kind of hard to tell if an issue is something caused by the translation or if it's something that was always there. In the interests of personal sanity I'm not aiming to fix anything present in the original game, though the new version of the translation does look much nicer than the version I released back in the day. To that end I've completely replaced the screenshot slideshow on the project page with 15 fresh snaps showing the current state of the translation. I don't think this one is very far off, though as usual I'm not going to commit to any given release date.
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