Major Release ~ Dungeon Hacking in Cave Noire
Cave Noire
# Posted on Feb. 14, 2012, 3:28 a.m. by Gideon Zhi

This was a small project that was supposed to take a week at most, and ended up taking more than a month! But it's done, thanks to EsperKnight and a host of folks each helping out with tiny bits of text. Cave Noire is loosely a roguelike; you have a limited inventory, a limited set of items, and enemies that hit very hard. It's almost more of a puzzle game, about learning to dodge enemies rather than grinding levels and plowing through them. It's completely translated, too; hope you enjoy it!
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Published OnDec. 1, 1996
Initial ReleaseJuly 19, 2004
Latest ReleaseAug. 4, 2004
Current Version1.01