Super Robot Wars

This is the game that started it all. As such, well, it's not that great. But it's a relatively easy hack, and it's interesting to see how far the series has since come. The plot is relatively lean in comparison - Girgilgun has attacked the Super Robot homeworld, and is using an electromagnetic ray to mind-control most of the Super Robots into doing his bidding! But a few have managed to shake the shackles of Girgilgun's control, and are fighting back. That's it, really.

To quell any rumors before they begin, this is a continuation of strag0's old v0.7 patch you can find floating around (with his blessing.) It was really more like .3, but yeah... I've fixed all of the attack names and robot names. They all fit in the ROM, full length, with no clipping... of course, some had to be shortened for screen space consideration, but them's the breaks. I fit in what I could!

For hilarity, try squeezing "Diffusion Mega Particle Cannon" into the gameboy's tiny screen!

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