Makaitoushi Sa-Ga

Makaitoushi SaGa for Wonderswan Color is a remake of the original Makaitoushi SaGa for gameboy (which was released in the states as The Final Fantasy Legend.) There were a few name changes in the scripts, nothing really, major, but you really do have to admit that Final Fantasy Legend's script... well, it sucked ass. Engrish to the maximum. We're going to do better :) Demi has sent over a font replacement and is working on translating the script, AWJ has translated the various lists of monster names, items/attacks/spells, and descriptions of the items/attacks/spells, and Neil_ is helping move stuff around the screen, hopefully, so we can expand the item names out an extra space. The item descripts and monster names (and a few preliminary item name translations) have been inserted into the ROM, as you can see in the screenshots. This project is going places, people! It should be done pretty quickly.

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