Treasure of the Rudras

Please note: Rudra uses the SNES' hires display mode for its text. If the font looks kinda blurry (especially the half-width combat and area font) click on the picture to pop up a new window with a double-sized slideshow at the "real" resolution. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make the new slideshow start at the same picture as the old one, so it'll start at the beginning again...

Treasure of the Rudras is the last RPG with a "normal" battle system that Square produced for the SNES, with the exception of maybe Chrono Trigger which might have come after it. Regardless, a fan translation was long thought impossible due to the game's system of magic - it let players enter their own words into a screen similar to the one where they name their characters, and it would generate effects based on the words that the players typed in! Well, as my screenshots demonstrate, that system has been completely conquered, to the point where I've not only englishized it, but also doubled the number of letters per spell name! And don't let the graphics deceive you - the game's stat progression plays much more like a Dragon Warrior game than it does a Final Fantasy. Don't expect an easy ride, because you are -not- going to get one! Some of the bosses are positively nasty!

The story follows three humans, each of which holds a stone called a "Jade", as they work to stop the impending destruction of all life on their planet. They only have 16 days, and time will pass as they complete events - often times their scenarios, although separate, will intersect and a scene will take place between the two parties. Once all three scenarios have been completed, a fourth scenario opens as the story reaches its climax.

The new version, released on July 4, 2006, contains numerous improvements over the initial release. The font is now variable-width, the text has been completely retooled and polished, the opening's been rehacked, the battle menu's been moved to allow for two extra letters per enemy name, and a few smaller fixes have been implemented. Suffice it to say that this new version of the patch is the definitive English-language Treasure of the Rudras!

As a further note, today (June 12 2015) I've launched version 2.1 beta. There are some not-inconsequential changes to the way spells are handled in combat and it hasn't been fully tested, so I'm leaving it as an extra for now. If nobody reports any problems within a few weeks I'll promote it and replace v2.0 with this.

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June 12 2015: Treasure of the Rudras v2.1