Guardian of Paradise

Guardian of Paradise is a fun little Zelda-ish game by Buster, who you may know as having created Akuji the Demon. GoP casts you as Tela, a boy whose sister has fallen ill. Nobody knows what's wrong with her, so there seems to be no cure, but legends tell of healing waters in Paradise, so Tela sets out to find the fabled land and save his sister. He encounters elemental spirits along the way, which provide magic, and the basis for the game's puzzle system.

To the best of my knowledge, and I've played through three areas so far, Tela never gets any magic expansions. His MP gauge is carefully regulated, and can be replenished by picking up the magic coins that scatter when enemies are destroyed. The coins are plentiful so there's no real need to worry about magic except in certain situations, but that's usually part of a puzzle. You can only have one elemental spirit summoned at any given time; destroy an enemy of an alternate element and pick up its different-colored magic coins to summon a different elemental. The system is quite simple at heart, and is easy to get used to, but it allows for some very interesting puzzles. The game is quite fun, and it's freeware to boot! Two thumbs up.

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