Jutei Senki

Alright, I removed the RPG moniker from the genre because this really doesn't have any RPG to it so to speak. It's got an opening, an ending, still-frame pictures after each of the 20 main campaign missions, and 16 generic types units on each side of the war that level up when they get 10 kills. No real character development at all, because there really aren't any characters at all, just the generic unit types. That said though, it's a pretty neat game. And either I suck at it or it's really damn hard. Once you finish the main campaign, you can go through 20 Expert mode missions, and once you've beaten those, you unlock 20 -MORE- Expert Mode missions. Of course, Expert 21-40 are just more-difficult rehashes of Expert 1-20, but if you're really masochistic you should at least give them a try :)

Regardless, this patch is 100% complete. Apologies that it took so damn long for something without very much for text, but it had some really weird crap in it, and I wouldn't have been able to hack those parts of the bugger until about this time last year at very earliest anyway. Have fun, and stuff.

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