Heian Fuuunden

I really can't say too much about this one at this point, I haven't played with it very much. The screenshots demonstrate simple text replacement with some of the translated script, so that's actual in-game text and not something I just made up, although it may not appear in exactly that form in the future. All I can really say right now is that the game may or may not be semi-historical, in a similar sense as Suikoden, and that it involves raising the dead. Or something.

Progress-wise, as of this writing a simple hack to approximately double the amount of available text space has been easily implemented, as has a font width hack. Pending is another hack to again approximately double the amount of space available for text. Script-wise, anywhere between a quarter and a third of the text has been translated, although Nall-Ohki, the current man on the text, has recently been extremely busy and is unsure if he can continue with it. If anyone is interested in picking up where he left off, please let me know!

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