God Medicine

God Medicine is a kickass RPG by Konami for the Super Gameboy, which is very reminiscient of Final Fantasy Legend 3/SaGa 3, but it's better. The basic story is that there's this girl, Mika Ardan, who's battling a Demon for control over her world. The Demon's discovered an alternate world (the real world, our world) and has made its way across the cleft, chased by Ardan and her fellows. They begin to fight...

Meanwhile, three school kids have been eagerly anticipating the release of Phantom, an RPG, but a few weeks prior the company producing the game was decimated in a lighting storm, and the game was cancelled. The kids overhear the sounds of Ardan's fight, and bear witness as her team is defeated. The Demon flees to recover its wounds, while the three main characters learn that Ardan is from the world of the cancelled game! Receiveing the power of heroes from Ardan's band, you embark on a quest to finish what she started in the video game world, but there's more to the story than it at first seems...

There's more to the game system than it at first seems as well. About halfway through the game, you get to insert jewels into your weapons, and the jewels actually expand your characters slightly. Every jewel does something different, and even the same jewels will do different things for different characters, so experiment!

Note that the patch is for the 1997 rerelease, which is larger in size than the original and includes Super Gameboy support and some extras.

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