Ball Bullet Gun

Please note: BBG uses the SNES' hires display mode for its text. If the font looks kinda blurry (especially the half-width subwindow font) click on the picture to pop up a new window with a double-sized slideshow at the "real" resolution. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make the new slideshow start at the same picture as the old one, so it'll start at the beginning again...

Ball Bullet Gun is a strategy game, a simulation of Japanese "survival games" (read: war games.) The closest American approximation is paintball, but that's not quite right. The game itself is fairly cute, but there are a lot of things to take into account when planning your strategies, and it provides a surprising amount of depth for a deceptively simple game. There really isn't any story to speak of, at least not that I know of, but if you're looking for a decent strategy game, this should work wonderfully.

Insofar as progress is concerend, this is a bit of an interesting story. A year or two ago (I honestly don't remember how long ago, this is the closest approximation I can give) I'd dumped the scripts and the (in?)famous Tomato translated 'em for me. It was the last project he'd done before his computer blew up or died or whatever, but I hit a brick wall with some of the routines and the project was effectively stalled. As of this writing, I've been working on it again for less than a full day and I've already managed to hack a bunch of font routines, text routines, name entry screens, the works! Seven of eight English text files are inserted and working approximately correctly, and I'm guessing that the final one won't pose any real problems either!

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